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Different stories about the Calgary Marathon

To volunteers… Hey runners, please say thanks!


Thank you to all volunteers!!

After months of hard training, sacrifice and overall preparation, race time arrives. From the first place finisher to the last person across the line, everyone has done their job. And, I mean everyone. Hundreds of people, likely in the thousands have been planning, preparing and even sacrificing in the name of being a volunteer!


I wouldn’t say it is a thankless job. Any good race organization will do their best to thank the volunteers that contribute significantly to making it happen. Rightly so!

But what about you?! I am guessing you do but in case you don’t…

Every aspect of putting on a major road race requires volunteers. From route preparation, package pick up, start line, finish line, on course safety during race day to many more aspects of making sure your day is enjoyable and safe!

By the time you’ve started your taper, volunteers are kicking into high gear. By the time you arrive at the Expo to pick up your kit, there is a bee hive of activity that you will probably never see. Many days and long hours.

So, just as with anything else in life, it is good to remember to give a smile and say THANKS! Thanks to the folks who are helping you hit your goals! Thanks to the folks who are making your day enjoyable and safe! When you say thanks it will feel good to the volunteer and will actually make you feel pretty good too (a secret performance enhancement tool)!

Have a great run!

P.S. Check out Start2Finish here, and why I’m supporting them!


Live from Calgary, it’s official Marathon Week…

The Scotiabank Calgary Marathon Race weekend is rapidly approaching and there is a lot going on!

Firstly, It is official! We are in the midst of Calgary Marathon Week! Thanks Mayor Nenshi!


And, more good news. As part of our post 50th party… We are now host to the National Half Marathon Championships and… we’re going live on!

As a continual part of our growth and renewal we are honoured to host Canada’s fastest runners and Olympians (in addition to all the rest of us who aren’t quite so fast!!) as part of our overall weekend. In all seriousness, we are looking forward to launching the blistering pace of the National Championships event but for the rest of us who get out there and challenge ourselves every day for our own goals, we’ve got a lot in store. We know that we have a great team who execute our various events flawlessly. We also know we have an outstanding course for all of our events, beautiful and… frankly pretty fast! Lots of entertainment and much more! Now it is time to show off Calgary and our events to Calgarians and also those folks who are looking for a great place to do a run-cation!

Be sure to tune in on Sunday morning, or come back later and we’ll have the show loaded up for your enjoyment.

Have a great week and a great run!!