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To volunteers… Hey runners, please say thanks!


Thank you to all volunteers!!

After months of hard training, sacrifice and overall preparation, race time arrives. From the first place finisher to the last person across the line, everyone has done their job. And, I mean everyone. Hundreds of people, likely in the thousands have been planning, preparing and even sacrificing in the name of being a volunteer!


I wouldn’t say it is a thankless job. Any good race organization will do their best to thank the volunteers that contribute significantly to making it happen. Rightly so!

But what about you?! I am guessing you do but in case you don’t…

Every aspect of putting on a major road race requires volunteers. From route preparation, package pick up, start line, finish line, on course safety during race day to many more aspects of making sure your day is enjoyable and safe!

By the time you’ve started your taper, volunteers are kicking into high gear. By the time you arrive at the Expo to pick up your kit, there is a bee hive of activity that you will probably never see. Many days and long hours.

So, just as with anything else in life, it is good to remember to give a smile and say THANKS! Thanks to the folks who are helping you hit your goals! Thanks to the folks who are making your day enjoyable and safe! When you say thanks it will feel good to the volunteer and will actually make you feel pretty good too (a secret performance enhancement tool)!

Have a great run!

P.S. Check out Start2Finish here, and why I’m supporting them!


Help a kid’s future… a great cause for our community

How important is reading and running and how do they fit together?…

Do you remember a time when someone gave you a hand? Advice? Directions?…


(Support a young athlete with Start2Finish – contribute here)

Where would you have ended up without that someone? Friends pitched in when you moved. A colleague suggested the better course of action that led to success. Someone helped you orient that map while sight-seeing in an exotic location. That was helpful. But I am talking about something much more serious, and long lasting. Most of us have had someone in our life that helped us find our direction in life, advised us on how to attain a major goal, or provided us the critical support we needed to get where we wanted to go in life. Career paths, academics, perhaps even just graduating high school, you likely had that guidance, support or even just a role model who could help you dream, even if you did not notice it!

Not everyone is that fortunate. For many reasons, there are many kids in our society who do not have that support structure or perhaps even someone who can give them the most basic ideas on how to achieve their goals or more importantly, their potential.

I recently came across a charity called Start2Finish and I was instantly attracted to the concept. I have mentioned before that I have found so much richness in running. I have also been blessed to have had an opportunity to have a wonderful education. I have always been attracted to the concept of Sound Mind Sound Body. Start2Finish works to deliver this concept to kids who may be challenged to find their path. I think many of us might forget that we have had a hand or even just had someone who either gave us an idea or maybe showed us an example that we can dream of being a pilot, a doctor, or even an astronaut. I think we owe it to every kid to say to them, dream big, but work hard and together we’ll get you there.

With that, I want to ask for your help. Start2Finish is supporting kids, providing a platform, structure and coaching through their program, which will culminate with a 5km run during the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon weekend. And, to that end… it would be immensely helpful to support the kids by contributing one entry to the 5k race. Please donate $50 to Start2Finish and help me make that happen.

Oh yeah, I am going to be participating in the 50km Ultra (and, if you’re generous, attempting a bit more) to mark 1km per entry to you invest in. 50 entries = 50km, 51 entries = 51km, etc… Please challenge me to run a kilometer (or more) with your contribution.

And, please remember to encourage a kid to dream big and work hard toward their dreams. They may just need an idea, or them may need some direction, either way, if you have read this, then you are likely the person who can come up with a few good words to help out!

Thanks and happy running!


A total aside trivia detail… I can on occasion be found running in ASICS running shoes. As a young runner, I was attracted to the shoe that really fit me, which for a long time was ASCIS. Then at some point I discover what I thought was another cool aspect of the shoes… The name is an acronym for the Latin phrase anima sana in corpore sano which translates as “a healthy soul in a healthy body”.


The White Hat Award Kick Off!

Alright, after dreaming of getting a blog going, I have finally worked out enough of the bugs and put together something that may not be perfect but gets me going. My first entry, here we go…

Last night I had the honour of representing the Calgary Marathon organization at the Calgary White Hat Awards.

53rd Annual Calgary White Hat Awards

Amazing ambassadors wear white hats.

The 53rd Annual Calgary White Hat Awards, a one-of-a-kind event that includes a red carpet, live awards and gala reception, will take place on May 13, 2015. The Awards celebrate inspiring Calgarians in the tourism industry who go above and beyond and strive to make their guests’ experience a memorable one.

What a great event! What a great honour.

As President of the Calgary Marathon Society, my personal vision is to work with a great team and build the best event possible to promote the sport I love. And, to integrate our sport into our great broader community of Calgary! I am very fortunate to work with an amazing team of volunteers (near 1500 of them) who work their behind off for the running and walking community. That team and our participants (folks from every province and territory in Canada as well as 23 countries) were recognized last night for their contribution to Calgary! We won! We were co-recognized with a great Calgary attraction, Heritage Park, under the category of “festival, event, attraction.”

This award has been a compliment to our 50th year! We set records across the board, more kids engaged in healthy activities, more participants, more charitable funds raised, faster winning times and a lot more fun! We will proudly wear our White Hat that has recognized our past success but also, in the spirit of the White Hat, we will look forward to building the best opportunities for Calgary runners and the best for folks who don’t live in our community but are looking for somewhere to run. Clearly our team believes that you should come visit us here in Calgary, you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks Tourism Calgary and the City of Calgary (all of the departments and individuals) for believing in our team and event!

Thanks Team for doing such a great job!

Healthy Running!